I have been blessed with a wonderful, supportive husband and two wonderful boys.  I am able to thank God each day for my family and I remember to give him a little extra thanks on the more challenging days because without them I would not be able to treasure all of the rewards and challenges they bring into my life each day.  I am blessed to stay home and prepare our home and meals and as we say in our home, be the ‘house manager’.  Wow, it feels great!


5 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. This is cool 🙂
    Thinking of being a mom and becoming a mom are two different ways of thinking.
    You are so right to go with “your ways and feelings, instincts etc” They are your babies and YOU will know them best, every sound, every glance they make. I have watched you with them both and I am happy to see that you love them and care for them in the best way possible, by being THEIR MOM. A pat on the back. It’s not always easy but the day will come when they are ready to leave home/support themselves/ decide for themselves and become one of many out in the world and that is when you can say “WE did it” with a huge amount of PRIDE and a few tears too. They will always be your “babies” even at 25 and you and Cal will always be their parents – that’s God’s plan. Love all of you ❤ Liz

  2. What a great idea to share triumphs and failures with friends, new friends and news moms who need encouragement and maybe an occasional laugh.

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