ABCs Already!?

My sweet son is two years old (26 months) and is able to spot an ‘A’ and many other letters in places that our experienced eyes just fail to notice.  As adults we don’t often pay attention to those big, bright letters in the grocery store over the ‘meat’ or ‘produce’ section unless we are entering a new store, in a hurry and we are looking for that section quickly.  It makes my heart sing as I hear the little voice in my cart exclaim, “B, M or H” with great excitement because he spotted a letter that he recognizes.   He’ll notice a letter on a tag or the front of a t-shirt and all of the places we just ignore.  In addition to recognizing 24 of the 26 letters (we are still working on u and v), my boy can also tell you the sound that each letter makes; he has learned all of these letters and sounds in less than two months. 

I humbly admit that his excitement about every letter of the alphabet is not because of hours I spent teaching him but because of some fantastic dvds I purchased.  My roll is the dvd loader on request for his desired ‘A’ show and the knowledge verifier  flashcards.  We don’t always remember to turn it on since, as you know, silence can be golden but it is worth it!

One of these sets of dvds recommends showing the alphabet beginning at 9 months while they are learning to talk but I had not introduced the tv until age 2.  We now mix in “A’s”, “Frog A’s”, letters, colours and shapes so his learning mind is retaining it well as he toddles around playing toys and repeating what he hears across the room! 

I have a super gift suggestion for the little one in your life.  Okay, if I am to admit it, I like to share good news and good deals.

The first dvd set I bought through Kidsteals.  The set is from Preschool Prepco, the Preschool Prep Collection 7 Pack.  Kidsteals offered the set for more than half price ($50.00); if you keep an eye on their website it may be reposted again soon.  They post a deal every 9:00am and 9:00pm MST.

The second dvd we have is from Leap Frog….  The Letter Factory – this one teaches the sounds that each letter makes!  We have a three dvd ‘Leap Frog Learning Box Set’ .  It is the Canadian side of me that appreciates this dvd teaching ‘z’ as ‘zed’ unlike the other!  This set was purchased at Chapter.Indigo and is a better deal then purchasing ‘The Letter Factory’ dvd alone.  If you are looking to purchase this online make sure you sign up for Ebates first and find the Chapters.Indigo website link through Ebates and you will receive 1.5% of your purchase back in a cheque and earn aeroplan miles too.

Today’s message is strictly directly about my daily life!  The Alphabet!


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