Shopping Deals

Today, as we know it is consumer purchase day today.  Do you do your part in stimulating the economy with your weekend purchases? 

I recall my days as a door to door vacuum cleaner salesgirl, yes, my first job.  I didn’t think anyone would hire me and door to door sales would!  I recall it was either selling vacuums or kitchen knives as my choices for employment.  We were encouraged to work extra hard to get into a home on Saturdays because consumers were more likely to give us their business on a Saturday.  Now for me as a consumer today, I tend to stay out of the traffic filled streets and people filled stores because I have the opportunity to do my shopping during the weekdays, although stores tend to cater to the weekend shopper and offer fantastic deals to attract us in for our “day off”.

If you are heading out today, be sure to catch the annual mega shoppers drug mart redemption day today as mentioned at Mrs January.  I will have to work harder to save my points to take advantage of this deal next year.

Do you take advantage of the first Tuesday of the month shopping deal at your local grocery store?

Safeway offers 10% off with a minimum $35.00 purchase OR 10x the base airmiles.

Sobeys offers 10% off with a minimum $50.00 purchase.

Save-On-Foods offers 15% off a minimum $50.00 purchase or 15x the save on more points.

Superstore and Costco have great prices on many products but can catch you on your impulse or bulk buys if you don’t know your prices.  You may want to take advantage of the free turkey when you spend $250 at Superstore this week and just a friendly reminder Until December 11, 2010 Earn Aeroplan points by shopping at

Mrs January suggests keeping a list of ‘stock up’ prices so you know when an item is a good price so you will know when to stock up at your local store.

Check out your favourite store online and you can choose products, create a shopping list and print it off so you can stick to your preplanned ‘deals’ and avoid the impulse shopping.

Collect points and save money, it feels good and creates that stimulating shopping experience!


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