Sleep Who Needs It?

One of the most valuable past times in our home is sleeping and since we’re not able to do it, I might as well talk about it, right!  We’ve recently been able to appreciate the book Sleep It Does A Family Good.  Dr. Hart emphasizes the value of sleep and the societal impact sleep depravation has on us today.  Without it, we’re irritable, absent minded and indecisive therefore, poor decision makers.  As a mom we may consider the lack of sleep to give us ‘mommy brain’**.

In a home filled with toddler emotions and infant sleep habits there is a high demand for an emphasis on sleep.  My eight month old has a good night when I only have to get up with him twice.  I know, it sounds like it is time for him to ‘cry it out’ but it just isn’t in my make up.  If I decide that it is, it isn’t in my husband’s so each night I tend to my baby with love, assured in my mind that this is only a temporary phase in our lives since baby number one now sleeps eleven to thirteen hours each night so I shall treasure my alone time with baby number two.  On the nights filled with frustration I am rewarded with precious smiles and giggles each morning; a reminder of the priceless gift I have been given and to be grateful I have this beautiful little one to enjoy.

With cold and flu season upon us, we need to be aware of our priority one of catching up on our sleep.  We are currently fighting to conquer our sniffly noses, fevers and coughs that have plagued our home for over a week now and the next six months will hold many more sniffles I have little doubt.  We need to develop a plan.  

  • Shall we sacrifice our interaction with others outside of our home to minimize the number of sicknesses brought home this season? 
  • Adult naps are tough to take between the much needed coffee in the morning that won’t allow a follow up nap to the other non negotiable responsiblities that are required and are best completed without an audience or helpers such as cleaning the toilet or shovelling the snow. 

Our only solution is making up sleep on the weekends; trading off I watch while you sleep and sleeping in as long as we can.  I know, you can’t actually collect sleep and save it in a reserve for later but you can try to get SOME!  This is the only solution I have come up with to try to establish a healthy amount of sleep for the parents in our home.  What do you do?

**  ‘Mommy Brain’ was a phrase introduced to me early on in my parent walk.  I now have a full understanding of this seemingly valid phrase.  Mommy brain is established during the sleepness nights of pregnancy and continues on throughout our parenting term once baby has arrived because we are distracted by the new little priority in our life accompanied by lack of sleep.  ‘Mommy Brain’ is absentmindedness such as forgetting what you’re talking about, misplacing valuable items, forgetting important dates (friend’s birthdays – hey, does that work for an excuse? Sorry!) and all of the other characteristics established in our lives that just weren’t natural prior to implantation.

Sleep is the interest we have to pay on the capital which is called in at death; and the higher the rate of interest and the more regularly it is paid, the further the date of redemption is postponed.  ~Arthur Schopenhauer


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