15% Off Tuesday – Success!

I headed out early this morning in an attempt to beat the first Tuesday of the month rush.  8:00 am we entered our local SOF and cashed in!  I am sure a true dedicated ‘saver’ would take advantage of each individual stores first Tuesday of the month deals  but with two little ones it can be too much and toddler negotiations run out quickly. Today, “Gapes pease mommy home,” early on in our shopping experience ensured peace (my negotiating tool) if we wanted to make sure the “gapes” would make it home!

When you are taking advantage of these deals at the beginning of the month, ensure you know your prices because sometimes even with the discount you may be paying more now, then if you waited for another shopping day in a week or so.  Create a list in your mind of what an acceptable price is for a product or keep a list for yourself on your smart phone or print one at home for quick reference while shopping.  As an example, I like to have the Nature Valley bars on hand in our home;  I know that I will not pay more than $2.50 for this item if I am running low and I need them.  I know this item will be on sale next week somewhere.  I often expect Superstore to have the best price, often they will but yesterday these bars were over $3.00 (I don’t recall the price, I just know they were not in my purchasable range) and today at Save On Foods, I am pleased to share they were 3 for $6.00, plus 15% off, plus they still had many available with the Oasis Free Product Coupons on them!  In my books, I scored!

Sometimes stores will mark up products that have a free product coupon on them in hopes you will purchase them because the fpc is present.  Don’t purchase a product because it has the coupon because sometimes you may not be any further ahead.  As an example, today the packages of chicken breasts for $10.00 have a $1.00 off coupon if you purchase two Knorr products.  I could not find two Knorr products at a price that was good enough to put me ahead with the $1.00 off the chicken (even with the 15% calculated in).  Now, I may return next week and the Knorr products will be priced lower and I can then take advantage of the $1.00 off.

In summary, you need to learn prices to save money.  Keep an eye out for those free product coupons seen more recently on various General Mills products such as cereals, taco kits, Hamburger Helper and Nature Valley Bars.  For more information on their promotions, sign up on their website to receive information, recipes, coupons and other promotional information. 

I hope you were able to take advantage of some of those first Tuesday of the Month promotions at your local store.  Happy Tuesday!


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