I Had An Opinion

Recently I have been taking inventory of various opinions I held as a young woman that I must now apologize for.  I apologize to all who had more life experience than I, knew better but still listened.  I apologize to my peers who had to listen to the ramblings that I made as an inexperienced young gal who needed to learn that wisdom of life would come through my experiences alone.  I will share some opinions I had that I now withdraw and understand.

Judgement Made                                  Years later √ (Check) Now I understand.

Opinions On Lifestyle                                                        Status In My Life

Why would you ever buy a white car?                       √ Own My Second White Car

Why would you drive that type of vehicle?                  √ I want one just like that

Why would you ever live in that town?                       √ Live In That Town

I would never buy a house built then!                         √ My House, Built Then

Why would you buy near a busy street?                    √ I guess some people do 😉

Why would you marry someone older?                   √ Never felt that kind of love before

Garage out front, Forget It!                                        √ Or maybe so

Why would you live in attached housing?                  √ It fits your lifestyle 

 Opinions On Parenting                                                     Status In My Life

How could you lose your patience like that?             √ Oh you’re overwhelmed!

Why do you have toys all over the place?                √ Children need to play

Why do you give them so much?                             √ You want to see their joy

Why didn’t you comb your hair?                                √ Too Busy caring for them

Why would you let them do that?                               √ Picking your battles

Why do you run your life around naps?                     √ Its more peaceful that way.

Why is your child screaming in the store?      √ A teachable moment OR missed nap

 Becoming a mom has allowed me to view life differently, I reflect on the judgemental looks I receive from onlookers because my child screamed inconveniently because he is late for his nap or the snide remarks made to my child from a passer by.  I realize more now that you just don’t know what someone is going through and it is almost impossibe to imagine what it is like to walk in their shoes.  Right from the start we are all so different and our life experiences shape us so that nobody else will ever understand what and how we think, feel, believe or understand and that is where only God can fit in. 

So, my advice:

To someone who hasn’t gotten there yet, don’t fret about what concerns others, be patient, you’ll arrive and when you do, you’ll understand!

Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward.  ~Soren Kierkegaard


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