A Parking Ticket… ***Updated

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting my friend’s new little one in a condominium complex.  I am sad to say that on departure from my lovely visit I was greeted at my car by the ugliest piece of paper I have seen in a long time residing just under my driver’s side wiper.

I had parked in the visitor parking stall but had failed to sign the book just inside the building.  I just didn’t notice these details while trying to ensure a safe trip through the icy parking lot and into the home for me, a bucket carseat, diaper bag and a toddler.  As I sit here and tell my sad story, it sounds like many excuses so I will say, “I just didn’t read the small print.” 

On my agenda today is to call the ticketing company and try to ask them to forgive me for my violation and see where it goes.  A girl at the condo complex said she had received many tickets and just doesn’t pay them.  That is fine but I don’t want to be hassled and have the stress of this burden for any length of time.  Years ago I had this same advice about paying tickets given by a ticketing company but my car was registered in my mom’s name and she was getting the hassling mail, etc. so I paid it.

So I’m here to tell you.  Watch for the fine print when parking in a private parking lot, even if you see one of the inviting white signs with green writing that says, “Visitor Parking Only”.


 I had a commitment early on today so I was not able to follow up on this self made assignment until a few hours later.  I researched the parking ticket company online and found the most senior position I could find in Canada and sent him a respectful, kind and humble request.  I am pleased to share I have received an email from the local VP stating that he understood my position as a mom of a little one and would cancel my ticket.

Hooray!  I learned my lesson and am very relieved that they will not be making me pay for my training.



2 thoughts on “A Parking Ticket… ***Updated

  1. I had no idea about this. I don’t think I have ever read the small print on signs. SO good to know. Good for you for being able to have your ticket thrown out. Thanks for the very good info!!

    • This particular location had an additional sign a few feet away with plenty of small print but I failed to take the time to read it. I figured it was telling residents or someone else not to park there since all I chose to notice was the visitor parking sign.

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