The Power Of The Whisper

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Life with a toddler continues to be a road of continuous growth and learning for both mom and child.  My good friend’s mom advised her that we end up ‘muddling through’ parenthood and I have to agree with this expression.  We are trying our best with all of our discipline or teaching tactics; at times they seem to be working and we are getting our desired behaviour response when suddenly that same parenting tactic will no longer work so it is our responsibility to think fast, react appropriately and try something new. Yes, I have come to realize, I’m trying my best and it ends up I’m ‘muddling through’.

A toddler does not yet understand the various volume levels there are to speak at, so in our home we have loud and louder.  It isn’t as bad as it sounds, all of these loud conversations bring rewards to me as a mom; I have the opportunity to hear my child build his vocabulary and I hear each day how he shows me how he understands new things during our conversations (both the loud and louder). 

As I muddle my way through this toddler period, I am constantly trying new ways to teach and communicate because just as he is changing, so do I need to modify my behaviours in response to him.  I found myself trying to talk over him to try to communicate with him during a tantrum or trying to explain something louder than him while he is struggling to express himself with his limited vocabulary.  Recently during a moment of expression, I remembered hearing somewhere that a child will probably listen better if you whisper because they actually have to stop their noise to hear you.  It works!  He doesn’t want to miss out on what I have to say so he will stop what he is doing to tune in to channel ‘mommy’.  Wow!

So, I tell you today, that during this brief stage, whispering is working.  My little boy still wants what he wants, when he wants it but I am able to get down right in front of him, whisper what I want him to know and not only is it a distraction but he needs to refocus and pay attention to me and the result is quietness, if only for a moment but I also get to have my say.   I am not going to say it works all the time because nothing is ever guaranteed but for now SUCCESS!

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3 thoughts on “The Power Of The Whisper

  1. BRILLIANCE! How have I never thought of that or tried it? You know what the noise level in my house is like from our phone conversations, so you think your house is loud now? Wait til your little man tries to be as loud as your big man (husband not included) at the same time! It can be quite entertaining at times, & quite the opposite at other times. I must try the whispering! Thanks for the thought!!

    • You’re sweet! I hope it works. Sometimes when one cries the other one will too, perhaps for moral support. 🙂
      Currently, I am trying to get them to laugh at each other more often because when they do I just can’t get enough!
      I love it!

      • There is nothing like the sweet sound of your kids making each other laugh. Every time my kids do that I stop whatever I am doing to watch & soak it in. Those are precious moments!

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