Family Traditions

tra·di·tion/trəˈdiSHən/  1. The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.  2. A long-established custom or belief that has been passed on in this way.

Have you ever been moved by a smell that took you to a place or time, stimulating fond memories?  How about those songs you hear that remind you of a period in your life.  Music and smells that bring back memories create a wonderful feeling of pleasure for me.  I have smells of perfumes or scented lotions that I wore on a vacation that once I smell them I am filled with fond memories.  Years ago I vacationed in Hawaii and the only cd we happened to have in our possession was a Tarzan cd.  We had rented a convertible with a cd player so we turned up ‘Tarzan’ and to this day if I happen to hear that music, I am moved by this enjoyable experience. 

Inspired by that previous experience, we spent our honeymoon in Maui, rented a convertible and needed some music to remember so we bought Hawaii’s own IZ cd to listen to as we travelled around just to help hold on to our extra special moment in time for years to come.

 In the same way, we are moved to remember positive memories of vacations, family traditions can also stimulate positive feelings and emotions.  Repetitive, predictable behaviour creates a tradition in your home and will help your children to retain positive memories if these traditions are associated with a positive experience (of course).

Help! I am trying to create a list of ‘traditions’ for my family to keep for reference in my ‘family binder’**.  Do you have any spectacular traditions that you recall fondly from your childhood that you think every family should implement?  Do you remember something your parents did that you looked forward to every year?  I found an excellent list on the Focus On The Family website but I would appreciate your input too!

My only conscious ‘tradition’ I have began to implement in our home is to burn a cinnamon candle in the month of December.  Air wick currently has a mail in rebate for the scent ribbons candle so I have taken advantage of it and am burning my $13.00 candle this month (soon to be free when my cheque arrives). 

Thank you for any and all input!

**Get your ‘family binder’ ideas from I Heart Organizing!  She also has some other great organizing suggestions throughout her blog!


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