Cleaning Your Home

How do you ensure cleanliness and order in your home?  Do you do it all in one day, a little everyday or some other variation? 

My very well organized husband likes to keep his life in order with discipline and predictability.  Okay, he is oldest child and I am the ‘fly by the seat of my pants, youngest child’ so it is with great pride I share that I created a weekly cleaning schedule to follow to ensure I maintained specific and all areas in my home.  My first list was scribbled on a sticky note that I would pull out (of the junk drawer) each day to ensure I didn’t miss my daily commitment before the day was through! 

I do want to share I Heart Organizing blog where she shares MANY fantastic organizing ideas, she is amazingly creative.  My favourite organizing design she has is the “Household Binder” where I now keep my regular cleaning schedule, printed out on paper, okay yes, I did laminate it too.  As I continue to figure out how it all works with the various prescheduled activities (naps, commitments, etc) in our home; there are plenty of regular adjustments I need to make.

Have you ever used the Flylady?  I signed up for a period of time as it fits for many people but it wasn’t quite right for me.  Check her out, she may be perfect for you!  One suggestion she made that  I appreciated most from her was the recommendation to keep the kitchen sink clean and sparkly everyday; it sure does help ensure you keep the surrounding area to the same standard.  I also appreciated her suggestion to get up, get ready, do your hair and ‘feel good’ first.  What excellent advice!

Laundry, I am now at the point  of doing it as often as possible stage.  The more often I do it, the less overwhelming I find it.  Especially with ironing!  If I do it more often; it just doesn’t seem so much like a “project”.  Frequently ironing even means I might take the time to iron something that would have just been folded and put away otherwise.  I like collared clothes (even my children’s) to be ironed so these make the cut if I do it more often!

Vacuuming is one of my toddler’s favourite discussion topics so it is with great pleasure I take out the object of his affection each day.  He is so pleased when I let him have an opportunity to vacuum.  I know this is only a temporary desire for him so I secretly enjoy him pushing the vacuum around because one day it will be a struggle and I appreciate his reminder to bring the old machine out because for me, it is easy to want to put it off until tomorrow.

Another favourite daily activity is my get rid of something ritual.  This commitment includes, putting something in the ‘giveaway’ for donating, throwing something away (useless to anyone) or posting something on to sell or freecycle for someone to pick up ASAP. Keeping up with this ritual ensures that I can help to keep the clutter down.  Recently I read on Mrs. January’s article Why Less Is More where she mentions “The less clothing that you own, the more often you will wear things that actually fit and look good on you”. Wow, I like that!

Better get going!  Turn Selena Gomez(click) on and clean.  You may need to put it on repeat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat.

What tips and tricks do you have for maintaining a clean home?  How do you ensure cleanliness and order?


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