Baby Box

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What do you put in your child’s baby memory box?  There may be a well known name for this box but it escapes me at this time.  What have you kept for your child as a souvenir or continue to save, to one day share with them when they are older?  Here is what I have so far:

  1. I completed a Pregnancy Journal for each of my children.  Of course our first child’s book is much more interesting then the subsequent children, no matter how hard we try to make it equal.
  2. Each of my children’s boxes have an Album Set.  I was given one as a gift for baby no. 1 so I had to search a new one for baby no. 2. 
  3. Child no. 1 still uses his homemade knitted blanket made by Aunty as well as a personalized blanket he received so I will need to order one soon for child no. 2 to use and then submit to ‘the box’.
  4. My parents bought each of my children a Baby Coin Set that definitely will go into the box.
  5. A sleeper they were ‘brought home in’ or wore.
  6. I write in a scribbler for each of them, not regularly in case I forget but more just a book to keep funny comments, experiences, we have with each of them.

Do you have any ideas of things to keep in this baby box?  What have you kept for your child that you think every child should have saved for them?

Please share…


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