Mommy Humour

I was reading a bloggers list of things she sometimes wishes she never taught her children; check her out she seems very funny.  I remain very amused with:

12.  How to tell time. (I sometimes* ache for the days I could say “It’s bedtime!” at 5:30.)

Humour is often strongest when we can relate it to our own lives and yes, this one applies!  My husband arrives home later so our dinners are too so it will be 5:40, a tense dinner because our toddler has decided he’d like to make it a screaming dinner or throw or dump food and I can recall looking up at the clock in desperation thinking, we can be in the bath at 6:00!


3 thoughts on “Mommy Humour

  1. Oh my I miss those days.. 10 minutes was either 5 minutes or 20 minutes depending on the situation and bedtime was whenever Mommy’s had enough.

  2. Thanks so much for the props! I love to hear that there are other people out there that feel the same sometimes-not-so-chipper way about their kids 🙂 Makes me feel less inadequate! Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting!

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