What does turning 35 mean?

It is time to share, yes, I am now 35.  What does it mean to be 35?  To many, it is just another day; to others it may be the countdown to 40. 

Being 35 means to me:

I’m old enough to know better?

I am no longer considered a young lady; except by select few!

I now fall into a different ‘age category’ when filling out surveys.  I can no longer choose the 25-34 selection.

Life is getting better; bring on my 36th year.

Wrinkles and creases I share with my peers.  No Problem!

Grey hairs are now normal.  Right!?

Two more years until my 20th High School reunion!

Having a baby would mean a whole lot more Dr’s visits and tests.

Poor behaviour must be owned and not excused.  Okay, sooner than now but I must acknowledge it!

I’m going to be considered ‘old’ to a larger part of society.

The truth is, I had a tough time coming up with what turning 35 means; telling me it isn’t a milestone, it is just another day. 

The benefit of being surrounded by people who are older than you is that when you get older, they still are older than you so you’re still younger, even though you have aged.  It isn’t so bad to turn 35.  We all have to do it, it is part of our journey so love it and live it, we’ve earned it, so far!


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