Countdown to Family Time

‘Tis the season to spend time with loved ones, to enjoy each other as family and to celebrate Christ as our saviour.  As we prepare for our time with family; shouldn’t it be a stress free, exciting time for us.  We should be pleased with having a little extra time off work to relax, watch movies and play games with loved ones or just visit with treasured friends.   Our only concern should be when to be where we have to be or when our company will be arriving.  Isn’t it amazing the stress that comes with the Christmas season?

During various discussions you will hear people pressured to buy gifts for people who they don’t necessarily want to or will their gift be of equal or comparable value to the one they receive.  Who will be going where on what day and we need to make sure that everyone’s feelings are intact while we’re making this decision.  Whomever is more sensitive will be accomodated first and next the person who will get more angry (or vice versa).

Shopping for groceries is an adventure in itself.  I have two little ones so the 24 hour shopping sounds like the best choice for picking up groceries but I’d prefer to sleep during ‘sleep time’ and I left early this morning to head out during our ‘happy time’ to pick up groceries.  It was bearable because there are many more smiles and courtesy then you may find at other times of the year but the prices were higher then usual and it was difficult to find those dependable bargains that can be found at The Real Canadian Superstore.

I guess we all know that no matter what we do, these are the pressures and realities of this time of year.  I’m not sharing anything new with you, just sharing the reality.  This means that we better prepare for this time next year starting in January – right!? 

Let’s make sure that we’re understanding our loved ones and their pressures; try not to put expectations on them that they are unable to live up to and don’t put expectations on them that they aren’t even aware you have, those ones are sure to disappoint.  Put on your extra patient armor and ‘love the ones your with’.

You don’t choose your family.  They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.  ~Desmond Tutu

Photo courtesy

In this photo they may need to be more concerned about their floor sinking as their couch tips over but see, they are still happy just being with family.


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