The case of the missing

I write this article with a high I am savouring.  If you were watching me walk, there would be a spring in my step that could be seen from afar! 

One month ago today, I was able to share with my friends and family one of the most significant moments in my life, similar to my wedding.  I was baptized as a symbol of my commitment to follow Christ.  This was a very special day and it was a coincidence (or was it) that at the service, two good friends, roommates I lived with many years ago were there to witness this special moment.  After the conclusion of the service, many people returned to our home and we enjoyed visiting.  My good friends and I held a discussion at the door during their departure from our home about how my wedding rings were causing an itchy rash on my finger.

The evening ended, I went to bed and the next day, some time in the afternoon, I began to search for my rings.  I confirmed via text message with my friends that I had my rings on and returned them to my finger so I knew when the last time I had them forsure.  It was late at night and almost everyone had gone home except my extended family members and a friend of the family.  My husband and I recalled seeing them on the counter next to the stove prior to going to bed.  I don’t sleep much anyway so with a weary mind, I tried as best as I could to run through where I may have seen my rings last; the counter was a forsure but anywhere else, I don’t recall.

Here are my options:

  1. I put them somewhere and I don’t recall where and they will show up one day. 
  2. Someone took them.
  3. A toddler toddled away with them.

We ran through these options over and over.  It would be very possible that I put them away and I would find them again one day, but where.  Everyone who was in our home cared about me and would not cause me the pain of taking my rings, especially my wedding rings!  Toddler could not see up on the counter (last known spot) to take them and would have probably shown me them if he found them.  When I asked him about them he told me he put them in the garbage (he must have overheard me discussing this possibility).

I kept the garbage bag from that day in the garage to one day search through.  I am glad it has been cold enough that it does not smell; it had coffee grounds and other less than pleasant items in it so I was putting off going through it until I HAD to. 

This evening we were eating dinner and our dog was scratching away at the front closet.   I had opened the door earlier today for her because she was scratching at something but she would just stand there and look at me.  Tonight, my husband went down to see if we have a mouse in the house.  He got down on the floor to inspect for mouse droppings and under the shoe shelf he finds my rings scattered on the floor!  Hooray.

He is so excited to tell me, we both are crying we are so pleased.  I had justified in my mind that although my symbol of our marriage was now gone that at least I still had my husband; although I still had many moments I just wanted my rings back.  After hours upon hours of cleaning, searching, reorganizing and sleepless nights, it is our dog who is the hero tonight.  She helped us to find my wedding rings.

Now that I have my rings, I have a faint memory of putting them up on the shelf when I was on my way down to say goodnight.  Why couldn’t I have remembered sooner?  Alas, I can now throw out the garbage, get some sleep and learn another lesson.  If I’m going to take my rings off, put them some place that is ‘normal’.

By the way, there weren’t any mouse droppings. Double Hooray.


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