My Favourite Cleaning Tool

Years ago when I bought my first home, a friend of mine gave me painting supplies to spruce up my starter home.  Included with the paint, was a painting sheet, rollers, tape, brushes, sanding blocks and what now has become one of my favourite cleaning tools….  A razor blade scraper.

This handy little tool is excellent for removing paint drips from a previous poor paint job, or something else that was painted into the wall (hair, dirt, etc).  Yes, speaking from experience on this one!

We purchased a glass top stove and this handy tool was also a recommended purchase for removing food that has been cooked or spilled over onto the top of the stove.

With this tool always handy right in the drawer next to the stove, I am able to appreciate this tool even more often.  I can pull it out for many of my frustrating cleaning requirements.  There was something dripped down the front of the cupboard, I have been trying to get it off for a while.  I have tried a Mr. Clean eraser, a bleach based cleaner, and Windex; I was having a good time with my razor and sure enough I was able to get this mark off the front of my cupboard door.  Oh, I was so pleased. 

Here are many handy uses for this tool.

  •  Removing crud under the edge of the sink
  • Scraping dried paint drippings off the floor (from the careless painter)
  • Scraping crusted food off the glass cooktop stove
  • Cleaning All of those edges and ledges where build up can occur
  • Removing caulking and excess dried grout
  • Removing wallpaper
  • Removing labels / stickers / goo from glass

These are some of the uses I have found for my favourite tool.  Do you have a favourite cleaning tool that you think every home should have?


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