Pull Ups Potty Training DVD

I was excited to receive my free Pull Ups Potty Training DVD in the mail last week.  I watched it immediately as I would truly appreciate having one out of diapers and I would like to get it done!  The dvd was entertaining to watch, encouraging and helpful and of course added a little more motivation into the potty training escapade I have attempted recently.  Also included were two coupons which will also be very handy. 

One recommendation they made that hit home for me was to put your child into a training pant, make it an event and then NEVER go back.  Well, for my little guy he always preferred to go back so I did because I have both him and my 9 month old in the same size diaper so they are always on hand as well as my cloth diapers too.  I have began a new plan….  A celebration of his new non-diaper life and then, never to return to diapers, those are for baby, like little brother…. Oh yes, and no longer asking but letting him know that it is time because he knows his ‘No’ and uses it too!  Hooray, very exciting to have a plan.  Order your dvd and maybe you’ll be able to learn something new.  They also have some cute videos about potty time that your child may enjoy.

Potty training time for real this time….  I’m going to get it done!


You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.

~Franklin P Jones