Is washing hands best?

Over and over we are told to wash our hands; you will see signs in washrooms and health facilities and many other public forums advising readers to wash hands frequently.  Washing your hands is an excellent idea to remove visible uncleanliness as well as invisible to the naked eye bacteria but more important then washing your hands is drying them.  Drying our hands should be the priority and the importance should be reinforced when going to wash our hands; we should wash thoroughly followed by a thorough dry. 

In order to reinforce this idea, I tried to persuade my hand model to show you why.  Considering this would be a fun, messy experiment I thought cooperation would be at a premium; alas, not even a left over chocolate would appeal to my model’s desire to support my experiment.

Pictured in the photo are a dry left hand and a wet right hand (birth mark present).  If my hand model would have participated any further I would have had him place his hands into the two plates of coffee grounds just below his hands to show you the presence of the grounds when he removed them from the plates.  The coffee would have obviously stuck to the wet hand, representing how hands that are not dried well will pick up bacteria more readily then completely dry hands.

For us bag toting mommys, perhaps we should keep a small towel in our bag in case we need somewhere to dry our hands after washing them when we are out and about or bring along some Kleenex Hand Towels.

I don’t appreciate promotions that are meant to fill you with fear so I must advise that I write this only as something to inspire a little extra thought.


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