A Quick, Filling Breakfast – Updated**

I am always looking for filling, nutritious meals and snacks for my children.  I can confirm with you today that secretly, I have a fear of not giving my children all of the vitamins and nutrients that they require to grow and develop properly.  I fear one day my children will have something wrong with them and we’ll be able to relate it all back to being short on a nutrient I should have provided to them as a child.  To justify this issue would be impossible for my justifying brain to process because it would have been avoidable.

Recently, I have noticed that my nine month old’s joints often crack when I pick him up or am moving him around.  Upon discussion of this at home, we thought that perhaps this was a result of a lack of calcium; oh no.  I called the nurse hotline the next day in hopes that they would say, yes, your son needs more calcium so I would know I could rectify the cracking immediately.  To my dismay they could not give me any information but to recommend seeing a Doctor.  I was hoping the quick fix of increased calcium would be the answer.  **Next week, is our nine month check so I shall discuss it with his Doctor then.  Here is hoping that it is just something genetic as it relates to mommy’s cracking knees.

In pursuit of covering all nutritional requirements, I have recently found a favourite with my children for breakfast time.  Equal parts of raw **porridge mixed with our favourite yogurt.



You often hear how filling oatmeal is but I have found for me it would make me hungrier quicker.  The beauty of uncooked oatmeal is that it seems to actually fill your tummy for a longer period of time.  I have unpleasant memories of a rumbly tummy, not as a child but as an adult when I wouldn’t take the time for breakfast so by lunchtime I would be starved.  I don’t want my children to be rumbly so I like that raw oatmeal is filling.

My mom has been eating this combination for years and her description of it as ‘raw oatmeal with yogurt’ didn’t sound like something I would enjoy.  Here in our home, we would often eat porridge with frozen or fresh berries mixed in it for flavour so one day I decided to try my mom’s breakfast and it was a hit.  This breakfast covers some of my boy’s nutritional requirements (calcium, vitamin D, Fibre, and Omega’s from the flaxseed in the porridge) and it fills up their tummies too.  Thank you mom! 

I try not to get fat free yogurt because my 2 year old needs the fat per Doctor’s suggestion but our favourite flavour is ‘Source’ pineapple, coconut and banana, mmmmm… one of their great tropical flavours. Gocoupons currently has a .50 cent off coupon available for the yogurt if you’re interested in trying it out. 

**  After writing this post, I decided to email Rogers, the oatmeal that I use, to ask if they would send me coupons and I am pleased to advise coupons are on their way; I am so pleased.

Do you have a great meal or snack suggestion filled with nutrients that you love to give your little one?  Please share.

**Update:  Dr. said the cracking joints are most likely loose ligaments and it should be fine by the time he is 18 months old.  Hooray.


2 thoughts on “A Quick, Filling Breakfast – Updated**

  1. Great post! We love this combo as well! I wanted to share a yogurt I found that is wonderful, it has 9%M.F. so I have to watch my portion size but it’s great for my kids, it’s rich so they don’t over indulge either. It’s Olympic Krema Greek Style Yogurt. We love Coconut and Lemon Passion. I got it at Save-On.

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