Lint That Teases

Recently, my two year old (26 months) points down at a piece of lint on the carpet and says, “Mommy, this is teasing me.”  I found myself amused not only that he would be so aware to see the lint but to actually find that it ‘teased’ him made me giggle.  I asked him to help me out and pick the piece of lint up and put it in the garbage but he couldn’t because it now scared him.  He kept saying, “Mommy, pick up this is teasing me, mommy, pick up this is scaring me.”  I quickly picked up the lint threw it in the garbage and we continued on our day.

It was bound to happen, daddy is a tease, mommy is a tease so inevitably teasing is in our life and part of our two year old’s ‘normal’.  Sometimes our son will state that the dog is teasing him as she sits and stares at him OR daddy will tell him what discipline he may receive if he repeats a behaviour such as screaming and he will say with a laugh, “Daddy is teasing.”  Yes, our teasing may be confusing but eventually we’ll figure it all out and he will know when a tease is a true tease.

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