Still Potty Training

Okay, I did it.  I went to the library and borrowed every single one of the ‘potty’ dvds they had for boys.  I planned to spend some time each day this week thinking potty and watching others go potty; perhaps it will inspire my little guy to use the potty too.  He has been asking me to do the potty dance for him already; we had to watch that one twice in a row it was so enjoyable.

We do no. 1 quite well but we struggle with no. 2.  I have been putting him on the potty every night before bed since 18 months but I haven’t made the effort to put him on the potty more often so truth is, it is my lack of commitment that has delayed our success.  I can’t believe I’m broadcasting our status to whomever will take the time to read.  Sorry son.

I am always well aware of no. 2 because it begins by a look of panic followed by running to me, little brother, the dog or a toy as he shouts, “Hug, hug, hug, hug.”  Of course if he chooses me for the hug, despite it being only because he needs to go no. 2 at least I get a hug!  I think I may miss that one day. 

As we navigate our way through potty training, I can see it is such a small step to independence and a true sign that my little one is growing up…..  Where does the time go?


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