Cloth Or Disposable?

We begin parenthood with hopes, ideas, impressions, goals and so much more.  Part of our initial decision is whether we should go with cloth or disposable diapers.

For me, I went for cloth.  I felt that it would bother me to be constantly throwing diapers out when I could use them over and over again by simply tossing them into the washing machine.  Perhaps this was my rural roots taking their hold over me.  I also felt that it was a little more natural to have the cloth diaper against the skin as opposed to whatever is in a disposable diaper.

Just like all of the other parenting decisions we make, I do want to say, you need to do what is right for you.  Good quality cloth diapers do have a high initial cost but they will eventually pay for themselves; especially if you are going to be using them for more than one child.  I stumbled upon this fantastic website when I was investigating cloth diapers and it has all the information you could ever need.  A prominent detail I recall learning from this site was that bamboo was more absorbent then cotton – Huh!?  I ended up buying many different types of diapers, cheaper Kushie diapers from Sears, several other types of all in ones, and bamboo or cotton with a separate cover.  My final winning combination was:

Kiwi Pie diapers that I purchased from The Natural Baby Co. (U.S.) but they are available in Canada from Caterpillar Baby and The Cloth Diaper Shop.  The kiwi pie diapers are bamboo so they are very absorbent, they fit from newborn to toddler so I didn’t need to repurchase diapers as baby grew, they are cute too.  

Accompanied by the Wonder Wrap cover they are an excellent diaper that both my newborn and two year old used at the same time.

Wonder Wrap A super diaper cover – fits from newborn to two (still wearing).  The velcro and snaps are both reliable.  I purchased mine from The Natural Baby Company (U.S. Company) but there may be a Canadian equivalent to this product.

I found I had less leaks at night time with the separate diaper with cover as opposed to the all-in-one diapers that I owned.  I had only two kinds of all in ones so you may find positive feedback for night time use from other sources.

With two children in diapers, I find I switch back and forth between cloth and disposable.  If I find a fantastic price on disposable diapers, I will buy them and use them periodically or if I’m going to be out and want to be able to just toss it in the garbage I will also use disposable.  The feelings of not wanting to be always throwing diapers our has diminished as sometimes it is what is most convenient that overcomes all other emotions.

How did you choose cloth or disposable?  Was it even a question for you?

Note:  If you go with cloth, make sure you still sign up for pampers – gifts to grow and huggies enjoy the ride.  You may eventually use disposable diapers and you do not want to miss out on your points.  If you don’t end up using your points, you can always donate them.


8 thoughts on “Cloth Or Disposable?

  1. You’re right. There are sooo many parenting choices to make. Most people I know switch like you do. We write about all sorts of parenting issues. See for more

  2. I researched cloth diapers fanatically while I was expecting with my daughter (was that 8 years ago already?!?), loved them, and used them for my son, too. I even sewed the newborn diapers myself from a pattern I bought online (with a help from my mom and grandma). The only times we resorted to disposables was for interior camping trips where we couldn’t deal with the bulk and washing of cloth diapers, when our washing machine broke down when our daughter was 4 months old, and the last 2 months of toilet training my son, as he had outgrown his sister diapers and was SO close to being trained that the investment in fresh cloth wasn’t worth it. I loved the convenience of just throwing them in the wash rather than heading to the grocery store.

    I’m especially excited to see how much the cloth diaper industry has grown (and improved) since the limited choices I had 8 years ago. Back then… I got crazy looks from everyone who knew I was considering cloth. Now they’re stocked at all the local baby boutiques, and SO many new/expecting moms I know are considering and choosing cloth compared to when I made my choice. Choice is good!!

  3. Oh yes, Cloth Diapers do seem to be a true option nowadays and are very popular. They are readily available and are fancy, fancy. I had quite a thrill sharing the different styles that I had with my mother-in-law; how times have changed in the diapering world. That is so neat that you made your own – Way to go! The total cost savings would be excellent if you made your own. I recall getting a little thrill removing mine from the dryer, pride I suppose that I was able to last that much longer using cloth diapers and getting my money’s worth. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I wanted to do cloth so very much. I don’t have laundry in my building, and take our laundry to a drop off. Just because I really don’t have the time to do it at a laundry mat. I’ve been really wondering about g-diapers. Its a cross between both, anyone know anything about them. Good, bad or indifferent? I really do HATE disposables.

  5. Cloth is big in the UK too – it’s amazing the range on offer now! I find myself mildly addicted to all the lovely clothy-ness available :). Gdiapers have just launched here too. We use cloth primarily, though do use some disposables eg when travelling or camping. We also use Flip disposable inserts when travelling, as they’re also a nice hybrid between disposable and cloth.

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