A New Mommy Favourite

Shoppers Drug Mart had some clearance toys on after Christmas and I picked up a new pet for my nine month old for only $12.49.  I had seen them around for $24.99 both online and in stores so I was confident that this was an excellent price.

The ‘teddy dog’ as my son calls it is made by leapfrog and his name is ‘Scout’.  He is such a neat toy that once you purchase him, you go online and customize him to your child.  You not only choose the music it will play during the day but also at bedtime.  You put in your child’s name, favourite food and favourite colour and some of the songs are about your child’s favourites.  I do think the personalization of the toy makes this one a favourite for me.  The age on the toy is six to thirty-six months.

My nine month old doesn’t mind his new dog although it is new and he wasn’t used to listening to music as be falls asleep so I haven’t been turning it on but I do appreciate that it says good-night with his name.  Very neat.  My two year old is consistently borrowing little brother’s new toy and enjoys pressing the paw until his favourite daytime song is on – “If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Paws.”

I appreciate Leap Frogs focus on learning so this toy is a winner for me.

Scout and Violet by LeapFrog

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