A New Mommy Favourite

Shall I give my baby a soother or not?  Should a binky be an option?  I wasn’t overly convinced I wanted a soother to be part of my child’s life so I didn’t really encourage my first child to take one.  When I did try to offer him one, he wasn’t interested.  Mostly because I only ever offered it to him once in a while, only out of desperation so he never did take one.

Child no. 2 arrived and I knew we were planning to go on a trip (via airplane) prior to big brother turning two.  We needed to introduce our new addition to friends far away.  I was afraid, yes, afraid of the uncertainty  of two little ones on an airplane so my priority was to get little brother to take the soother before flight time.  It only took consistently of offering it to him for a short time before it was a part of his ‘norm’ at bedtime.  A mommy favourite that accompanies our soother when out and about is the adorable ‘bink link’ pacifier clip.  It comes in many colours and themes but my favourite feature is that is does not have the small piece of velcro that eventually starts losing it’s strength and reliability but you loop it through to secure the soother on to the clip.

BinkLink Safety Commitment boasts the following features:  Strong cord prevents breakage, Lead free paint & metal clip, Strong safety knots prevent beads from coming loose, Colorfast cords prevent color from running, Protects pacifier from germs when dropped.

The Bink Link can be purchased at baby specialty stores throughout Canada or online (U.S. Company). 

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5 thoughts on “A New Mommy Favourite

  1. My son wasn’t interested in a dummy after he was four months old. When I travelled with him when he was 9 months old, we had to get from Sydney to Boston. He pretty much slept the entire time from Sydney to LA which was a 14-hour flight. But the LA to Boston leg was a bit harder because even though it’s only 5 hours, by then he was over being on a plane. But it wasn’t too bad from memory and I don’t know whether a pacifier would have helped. It was harder travelling with him when he was a year-and-a-half but now he’s now three-and-a-half he’s the perfect travel buddy!

    Can’t share any experiences travelling with two babies though but good luck on the plane ride!

  2. That is great! It is stressful when you begin to fly with a little one because it truly is unpredictable! I wouldn’t appreciate unsupportive comments if the flight wasn’t going as I would like it to…. Flight did go well but soother is still available for bedtime use and occasional outings! 🙂

    • Thank you! Isn’t it a relief when the flight goes well! My husband and I enjoyed watching the eyes of the neighbouring passengers as they boarded the flight to see where they sat in relation to the child. Baby fans would immediately begin to pay attention to the child and anyone dreading sitting next to a baby would avoid conversation until the flight was almost complete where they could acknowledge your child behaved acceptably. Just neat to watch different personalities.

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