Life is Good…

Do you ever have one of those days when you’re feeling good, accomplished and so much more and you have only been out of bed for three hours!  Despite the red cheeks and runny noses, I feel like I want to share a few of the things that are making me feel good!

Besides the fun fact that it is Friday; here is what is stirring my soul…

1)  My guilty pleasure…  I secretly enjoy this Selena Gomez song that makes me want to dance and makes everything else I’m doing more enjoyable….

2)  I was able to stop at Staples this morning and laminate my Daily Docket courtesy of Mrs January to put in my Family Binder inspired by I Heart Organizing.  It is a fantastic page that she designed which includes marking off the number of glasses of water you drank and your daily exercise!  I like it.

3)  I went to the store to pick up the ingredients for dinner tonight and a crock pot for dinner for tomorrow.  I asked a clerk at the store if they had anymore bean sprouts and she advised they would be arriving sometime today.  I completed my shopping with a head full of thoughts on how I would get the sprouts considering the burden of taking two little ones out to the store in this -20c weather.  Once I arrived at the till I asked if I could call to inquire if they arrived so daddy could pick them up.  She went to the back and guess what was there!  Bean sprouts!  Relieved – Thank you!

4)  I am making one of daddy’s favourite meals for dinner tonight for the first time.  I received the recipe from the Kraft Samplicious box that included many recipes.  I will share, it is the Cashew Chicken.  I am excited to see daddy happy to enjoy his favourite meal without ordering in.

5)  I am now enjoying Lemon flavoured Olympic Greek style Krema yogurt.  It has some fat for my boys and tastes fantastic too!  Thank you Kelly!

 6)  Daddy and I were able to enjoy bball1989’s youtube channel last night.  He is very thought provoking. Thank you Gentrified for leading us there!

Today is a good day.  Nkou God


4 thoughts on “Life is Good…

  1. I love these days. There is nothing better then the feeling of getting lots accomplished, especially with 2 little ones!! Hope the good day carries on until tomorrow, & the next day & the the next day……

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