My Home Is My Stage

I enjoy dancing, I will dance to any type of music, anytime, anywhere.  I didn’t take dance lessons as a child;  perhaps polka lessons from my dad at family dances (Thank you Dad) and a line dance or two from my older sister.

When I became an adult, I did take belly dancing and Indian dancing (mostly Kathak, a little Garba, and some Bhangra) lessons.  I have also enjoyed the two step and latin dance resulting today in a mommy with many mixed up moves, plenty of hand movements and hip shakes.

I had a little giggle today as my two young boys sat across the kitchen in their chairs awaiting lunch delivery.  Mommy decided it was time to put on a silly show.  I was singing expressively with silly moves too (yes, I am youngest child).  My two year old son just stared in awe while my nine month old giggled at his mommy. 

The little smile to me felt like a standing ovation.  I had to turn on the music and dance, dance, dance.  The better the response, the more outrageous the performance.  Once the music was on my two year old joined in with head bops and shoulder movements and my nine month old shakes his head ‘no’ for dancing.  They were my audience, they didn’t have a choice because they sit there innocently as I teach them what ‘normal’ is. 

Shakespeare was right, ” All the world’s a stage”.  Including my kitchen.

Have you ever caught yourself with your children; thinking, I wouldn’t be doing this if there was anyone else around?  Today, I did.


4 thoughts on “My Home Is My Stage

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