Benefits of Mommy Blogging

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I have almost completed my second month of blogging, so I would like to share the benefits I have received.  Blogging is:

1)  An opportunity to use my English skills.  With only two little ones to speak to during the day, I would find myself speaking toddler / baby language or in partial sentences.  A blog helps me communicate with readers as an adult so I have to concentrate to ensure I’m using the correct words, punctuation and communicate in complete thoughts.

2)  An opportunity to share insights or hints I’ve learned and have others share along with you.  You can learn so much from someone who is ahead of you on the motherhood journey.

2)  providing a connection with other mom’s.  When other mom’s share their walk in the same or a similar experience, you feel connected.

3)  You’d be surprised how reading other non mommy blogs will inspire and encourage you in your life.  There are so many other ‘stories’ to be shared along with information and experiences to learn from others.

4)  Readers and reader comments are validating and encouraging.  I  recently read Family Haikus post My Blog Is Giving Me The Finger and I identified with the post in so many ways.  Reading the comments, it was clear to see how many other readers have the same fascination with the stats page.  The WordPress stats page makes it worth clicking the keys for another post tomorrow.

5)  It is a permanent record you can look back on and review in the future.  You can check back and your family can look back and see how things were ‘back in the day’.

If you’ve ever considered starting your own mommy blog.  Why not!?


5 thoughts on “Benefits of Mommy Blogging

  1. I definitely can relate to what you are writing!! This is my 3rd month writing and I enjoy being challenged to write and like the connections made in writing and the different people we reach out to. Keep blogging…I’ll keep reading 😉

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