A New Mommy Favourite

When child no. 1 arrived I was so concerned that I would buy too many things that would be used for a short time and I may never us them again, especially things that are gender specific. When it came to a nursing cover, I couldn’t justify the price of the cover when I knew I could just use one of the blankets that I had so many of.

A good friend of mine purchased a stylish nursing cover with the plastic sneak-a-peak at the top for me as a gift for the arrival of baby no. 2.  It has come in handy so often and now falls near the top of my mommy favourite list.  It makes me wish I had picked one up for my first child.  Rather than struggling to ensure all angles are covered properly including where my lifted shirt is exposing my skin, I now have a reliable, yet stylish cover that stays put, allowing me to feel relaxed and more comfortable – that in itself would make it worth every penny.  

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