Sleeping With Baby

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When our first son was born, I put him into his own room after one month.  He made plenty of noise in his sleep so I felt this would be a good opportunity to have him sleep on his own sooner.  He would consistently wake up once a night and we would all return to our beds.  At eight months old I noticed I had began to bring my boy to bed with us at night.  I thought to myself, how did this happen?  I realized I had began to bring him to bed when he had his middle of the night wake up so he learned to wake up sooner and sooner in the night until eventually, I enjoyed sleeping with him so much that he started the night in our bed.

This wasn’t what I had planned but having him in our bed was cozy and I felt ‘safer’ with him there.  When he turned one, we were all becoming more and more sleep deprived, we were keeping each other awake by each of us tossing and turning in the bed.  I had to get him into his own bed for all of our health.  We consider sleep to be an invaluable past time in our home.  At fifteen months, I moved him into his big double bed and he has slept in there for 12 to 14 hours a night ever since.  Phew.

Our second, little, baby boy is now ten months old, still waking up a minimum of two times a night.  He has slept in his own bed from day one, partly because I wanted him to get a good night’s sleep in a peaceful bed (which our eldest missed out on) and he was such a mover, he needed as much space as he could have.  A few times lately, my husband has stated that he wished that our little boy would sleep with us, so we could spend time with him but also hoping he would sleep for longer periods.  We’ve brought him in for a try but he needs his space and sleeps better alone so back to his bed he goes. 

Having our little boys sleep in our bed feels good, we get to snuggle and there is a comfort in knowing we are here, altogether and safe but the value in quality sleep means we must be apart.  Absence makes the heart grow stronger, so I await mornings in anticipation of their sweet smiles and our snuggles have to be saved for daytime use.


6 thoughts on “Sleeping With Baby

  1. I went through similar situations with my two. My daughter slept with us once she outgrew her bassinet (2 months old) and stayed with us until I was so pregnant with her brother that there wasn’t room in our bed for three of us an my belly. 😉 She was 2 years old at that point. We moved her to her own double bed in her own room. Her brother slept with us from birth until he was 2 months old (he never did fit in the bassinet). At 2 months old we moved him to his crib in our room where he slept until he was 6 months old and we moved the crib to his room. He has been there ever since. I have tried sleeping with him and have really wanted to (because I so enjoyed sleeping with my daughter), but he’s just not good at sharing space. 😉 Every kid and every situation is different.

  2. Our babies slept with us until they were comfortable sleeping alone. It was a blessing for me as, being a year apart, I was exhausted from the nightly wake-up cries (the second one would, of course, cry for milk when I had just dozed off to sleep!)

    • Isn’t that the way. I decided to sleep with my eldest son last night because I had awoken him when I went in to kiss him goodnight (when I went to bed) so there weren’t many zzzzz’s between him wanting to be sure I was holding his hand or his head was on me and little brother calling (crying) for our habitual middle of the night get togethers! I can completely understand what you’re saying! Thank you for stopping by and sharing!

  3. We have coslept with our little gal since the first week; she’s a rough sleeper and still wakes up one or two times a night. She’s moved to her own bed and sleeps, on a good night, until 4 am, then usually I sleep with her in her bed until 7 am. But it is an ongoing struggle to get a good night’s sleep. I do love when we have a restful night of co-sleeping, where she snuggles up and I get to smell her baby hair and watch her long lashes frame her little sweet face.

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