Baby On Board

Today, my morning would normally involve watching three year olds at our local church while moms enjoy some time with God and others. My two little ones come along and go in different rooms so it allows them to interact with children and gives me a chance to serve.   I have been unable to meet my obligation last week and again today due to my boys having runny noses, I don’t like to share. 

I decided to give my niece a ride to the church this morning as I had a few quick errands that I could complete with the boys in the car.  I had to drop some baby food for the foodbank, drop off dry cleaning and return my book to the library that was due back yesterday. 

I was almost at the library when my toddler began saying, “Mommy, baby sick.”  I questioned him, I thought he may have heard me explaining to my niece why I wasn’t going to go to the church today but he insisted that baby was sick.  I reached my hand back to check on baby and to my surprise he had thrown up all over himself.  Oh boy.  I pull over to check on my poor little guy but I still have to drive home.  I continue driving home (we’re about 7 minutes from home when my toddler is getting upset because baby is sick.  He is crying very loud, he doesn’t like being sick so he is really upset by his little brother going through this.  As you can probably imagine, I don’t know what to do but hurry home, or shall I stop?  We would be better off at home where I can look after him.  My older son is saying, “Mommy, hold baby, mommy, pick baby up.”  I did think this was a good idea despite the law but returning home quickly was the best idea.

This whole experience reminded me of a recent discussion I had where someone had asked me, “Why would someone use the Baby On Board sign.”  I recalled when I was first a mom, I drove a little more cautiously because I was aware of my need to protect the little one in the back seat.  Once it became normal, I don’t notice that feeling anymore.

I know now, a baby on board sign is a good explanation of why someone may be driving dristracted.  Baby may be screaming or crying and mommy may be trying to put a hand back there to console the little one.  Perhaps the baby, now toddler is screaming because he is late for his nap, she wants ‘fries’ or he is just upset that his little brother is sick in the car.  There are numerous explanations why a parent  would be distracted behind the wheel.  Perhaps a ‘toddler on board’ sign would be appropriate too.

I am so glad the Alberta Distracted Driving Legislation doesn’t limit carrying little ones in the car.


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