A New Month Means A Retry

February has arrived.  We all consider New Years as a NEW START but a new start can begin weekly, daily, monthly.  February is my restart on staying within the grocery budget.  I don’t often struggle with staying within our budget as I don’t enjoy spending money when I don’t make any but I am finding that I am always challenged by the grocery budget.

My extremely supportive and patient husband and I sat down for our monthly review of the budget for the month of January.  We decided it was time to increase our grocery budget.  I have been trying to get my grocery spending down for several months but the reality is; groceries are expensive.  Actually, healthy groceries are expensive and with children, I feel it has to be done.  I noted a few of my grocery spending decisions that I can modify to help stay on track:

  • I have been buying ground sirloin rather than just regular ground beef.  I noted today, this could be a savings of $1.00 to $2.00 per kilogram.  Hmmm, a relatively easy fix for me. 
  • Stocking up on products because they are on sale is a great idea but if I stock up on a product too much, it is taking money out of our grocery budget now rather than later.   I need to decide if it is worth it now to be out the money on the product I am stocking up on.  This will be a continuous conscious decision.  If I was a good coupon stacker, I could be stocking up but I haven’t perfected the skill yet!
  • More egg based meals will help me to save money on protein and will add more variety to our dinners. 
  • More soups and stews will mean more leftovers.  I hope it this helps.  I do enjoy crock pot cooking.
  • I’ve decided to break my grocery budget into a weekly breakdown rather than a monthly, it is easier to consciously maintain a weekly number for a short period.

A few changes may help with my grocery budget issues.  If I can get this to work, it will be a true feeling of accomplishment!

How do you save money on groceries?


11 thoughts on “A New Month Means A Retry

  1. i struggle with the same thing. Our grocery budget never seemed big enough for a family of four and after months of trying to cut back to stay within budget, we finally gave up and increased it by $20 a week/$80 a month. That move seems to be helping. It’s tough feeding a family healthy foods. Especially when the two little people are picky eaters. To cut back, I check the flyers and make a weekly menu plan based on the things that are on sale. That seems to have helped.

    • Excellent idea to create a menu plan. I think one of my biggest issues is that I will decide to try new meals all the time so I’m buying unique ingredients that will only be used for one meal which does increase my overall cost. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I like making one pot meals, Chili (add some macaroni and you get even more food) soups. I like to use rice to mix in because it is cheap, filling, and makes your meal bigger. Same with stir-fries, I mix the rice right in rather then layering a bed of rice on the plate, then putting the stir fry on top. Big pots of spaghetti. I like leftovers, because then I get a break from cooking every day! 🙂

  3. You may not bring in money, but what you earn for the family is invaluable. I know I, I mean your husband respects and admires you for all you do and how you hold it together and that I, I mean he could not manage as well without you in my, I mean his life.

  4. This is so hard; something we regularly struggle with. I try to plan meals where there is an overlap of at least one or two ingredients, or plan meals with few ingredients. We clip coupons, but usually I find these are for cleaning products or packaged foods and we try to stay away from a lot of the processed stuff. Planning meals around produce that is on sale (look at flyers in your paper). Planning a few vegetarian meals a week. It is an ongoing challenge though!

    • I do clip coupons but I do agree, they are often for cleaning products, and personal hygiene (I am no longer toothpaste brand loyal 😉 ) I do appreciate that you overlap ingredients – excellent idea! Thank you for sharing!

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