Tribute to Google

You Serve Me Well

  • You can find me the right answer to make me right and the wrong answer to make me right.
  • You can find the diagnosis I want for the symptoms I have.
  • You can find me an alternate diagnosis that makes me feel better about the symptoms I have.
  • You provide me with the definition for the word I’ve been hearing frequently.
  • You provide me with details of the location, including reviews on that place I’ve been thinking about going to.
  • You bring people to my blog that probably don’t want to be there, yay, a point on my stats.  Thank you.
  • You provide appropriate referrals to websites like when I’m researching the ‘Canadian Beaver’.
  • You can help me find out what everyone has been talking about recently.
  • You can help me stalk find people, where they are, where they work and what they’ve been doing recently.

Everyone knows who I’m talking about when I ask if they’ve tried asking you.  Google, I cannot imagine my life without you.  You answer all my questions, and leave me with additional knowledge almost everytime I stop by to visit you.


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