Garlic, Garlic Healthy Garlic

When I was a child, if I showed any symptoms of sickness, my parents would quickly prescribe me a peanut butter and garlic sandwich.  I dreaded receiving my inevitable prescription but was relieved when I would feel better the next day, despite my odor.  The peanut butter helps to mask the sting of the garlic in your mouth and we have since found that pureeing the garlic (a whole head, at best) does help to get it down.

With my childhood concentration on the benefits of garlic, I was intrigued by the newsletter I received from The Healthy Shopper where they reference a Naturally Savvy recipe for Garlic Tea I will share with you today:

Garlic Tea

  • 1. Chop one clove of garlic finely. Fine chopping activates the allicin (one active ingredient) in garlic that can help fight cold and flu viruses.
  • 2. Add the chopped garlic to boiling water and allow to steep for several minutes.
  • 3. Cool the tea before drinking. For best taste, allow the tea to cool somewhat, but don’t drink it cold. The taste is best when slightly warm.
  • 4. Drink one cup each day during the winter months or when cold and flu symptoms begin.

I enjoy the taste of garlic and I appreciate its health benefits but I have to sneak it into our family dinners so we all smell equally like garlic; it is never a good thing for me to dine on garlic alone – it makes for a lonely night. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Garlic, Garlic Healthy Garlic

  1. Love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Home remedies really work (most of the time better than the synthetic ones.)

    Garlic has incredible healing properties. We seem to forget sometimes that nature also has a great chemistry set.

    Thank you for this recipe. I will try it (with a sprig of fresh peppermint after for the breath.)

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