Potty Training Boys

Since I’m in the middle of potty training in my home, I have a quick poll to share today.

I once had a roommate who made sure any guy she dated would sit down when he used the washroom in our home.  It wasn’t a prerequisite for dating, more like a household rule.  I never had an opinion on the matter being from a home of all girls so I’m putting this little poll out there now, based entirely on my own curiousity.  Please share any comments below.


5 thoughts on “Potty Training Boys

  1. I too am potty training a little boy right now. My husband kneels when he pees so that he doesn’t splash. I’ve always loved him for this, but it’s hard to train a 2-year-old to do this, given his height and all. Right now we’re doing whatever the little guy wants to do. Sometimes he sits, sometimes he stands. For the most part, he sits. And I think that’s because his big sister sits when she pees.

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