A Mother In Need

Mom’s know the emotional roller coaster of emotions we naturally experience when we are pregnant.  I cannot imagine the emotions of losing the father while carrying our child.  My heart aches for Angel Janke, formerly of Slave Lake, Alberta; she is due with her first little boy in April and lost her husband and her father-in-law in a cabin fire on January 27.

The lakesideleader of Slave Lake and the Calgary Herald share the story.

If you’d like to provide financial support for Angel and baby, please go into any Scotiabank and ask to deposit money into Angel Janke’s account or email her a money transfer at adestiny@live.com (remember to send her the transfer password in a follow up email).’

 You can also visit facebook and find Angel Janke (Angel Rock) and Baby Trust Fund on Facebook.

Young Mum has written a beautiful poem that will be turned into a children’s book, she is donating all profits to Angel and baby.

Here is an excerpt of the book she shared on her blog:


“When a Daddy’s in Heaven,
He loves you just the same.
His voice still carries on the wind,
Still whispering your name.

When a Daddy’s in Heaven,
His kisses travel on sunbeams to fall on your face,
And he parts the clouds to blue sky,
So that you know he’s in a happy place.”

Sunbeams will be an 8.5×11, fully illustrated, and in full colour, with photographic illustrations by Trisha Fiddler Poitras of Live Love Laugh Photography. The book cost $17, and after manufactoring and shipping costs ($4), all the proceeds will go directly to Angel and Vinly (so, $13 from each book sold).

Please see her blog Young Mum and support this wonderful cause.  Thank you Katie!


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