My Mommy Cleaning Thrill

In the working world, my feelings of accomplishment would come when I knew I exceeded other’s expectations, went the extra mile or completed a project.  I find it funny sometimes what thrills me now that I am a stay-at-home mom.  My moments of success or accomplishment are often driven by my primary responsibilities in my home:  My family, my children, meals and cleanliness.  How life changes.

We moved just over a year ago from a home with hardwood and brand new carpet into a home where the previous owner had very hairy pets or it seems they should be hairless by the amount of hair they left behind.  In our new home, only the kitchen and washroom areas are void of carpet.  Having new carpet in our old house, I enjoyed vacuuming regularly because I wanted to try to keep the carpet as clean and new for as long I could.  Despite hiring Sears to clean our carpets prior to moving into our hair filled home, I continued to vacuum daily to ensure I wouldn’t miss a pet hair that was left behind along the baseboards or blown on the carpet from the walls and everywhere else it had accumulated.  I know, it sounds horrible, here is where I engage the ‘mind over matter’ mindset.

I had two vacuum cleaners for my mission to clean.  My first vacuum was an old upright that worked better than great but I noticed that I would often turn to my hand held Eureka car vacuum.  It has a beater bar and a quick grab hose for corners and crevices but alas, it is the see-through cup that holds the rewarding results of my labours.  You can’t imagine the reward of seeing what you can pick up and accumulate in a small bowl, dust and dirt (and hair) that you didn’t even know was present.  I would often be seen crawling around on my hands and knees to vacuum the entire living room and staring into the dust cup with a feeling of accomplishment and excitement to see all that I was able to pick up and all that I was removing from the floor and our home. 

Crawling around on the floor I decided I need to get an upright but it must have a see-through cannister because the only reason I’m crawling is so I can see that cup fill up.  With this in mind, daddy and I went shopping for a new vacuum at Sears.  They carry a few types of vacuums with a see-through cannister but I ended up purchasing the Dyson.  I now vacuum quicker than before but still have the immediate thrill as I dump out the results of my labour.  Prior to each time I bring out my Dyson, I ensure that cannister is completely clean so I know exactly how much hair, dust and dirt I was able to get from each space.  Oooo, what a thrill.  During my post baby shedding days, it was great to see where it was all going since it seemed with long hair that my hair was everywhere.

Seeing the immediate results of our labour is rewarding, I don’t have a second of regret for purchasing our Dyson.  The hose I use for vacuuming under our very low bed and couch helps me to pick up more dust that I never knew was present.  So pleasing to know my baby crawling around is in a cleaner space because I see the results to know it is better than it was.

Do you find pleasure in something that other’s may find rather silly?

5 thoughts on “My Mommy Cleaning Thrill

  1. I totally relate. I recently purchased a steam mop to clean my white ceramic floors. I was so thrilled with it that I posted it on facebook. Seems that I was the only one who got a thrill – not one like, imagine that.

  2. Ha! That is funny. Sometimes we get those thrills and I guess it is one of those ‘have to be in the moment to appreciate’, someday, someone who read your facebook post will think back and say, now I know why she posted about that steam mop – it works great! Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  3. Oh, this is so funny!! I loved it! I totally understand your feeling of accomplisment when you see that filled cup… so, is your cup half full or half empty?? Hahhaaa, just had to ask! I love knowing that my floors, countertops, etc are clean, it just makes me feel like all is right with the world! However, after saying that, I admit that I’ve gone from a clean freak to a much more relaxed clean freak. I can now look at a cobweb and exclaim, “Oh, look!” and then, go back to reading my magazine. I’d love a new vacume, I really want to “get down and dirty”! haha!

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