Day Care Please

Daddy was reading Caillou Day Care to my two year old son.  When he was finished reading, my son turned to daddy and said, “Rawdirt go to day care.”  Daddy said, “You better go tell mommy if you want to go to daycare.”  On his way to tell me, he was distracted by life but daddy was sure to follow up a few minutes later to remind him what he was going to ask mommy.

When I heard my son ask me to go to day care, my heart sank; I couldn’t believe he was asking me this.  It only took a moment to realize that it was the fun and friends that he saw in the book that he desired, it wasn’t the time away from me.  Day care looked enjoyable with snacks, toys, a nap, friends and reuniting with mommy and daddy, sounds like fun to me!


2 thoughts on “Day Care Please

  1. awe . . . I’ve actually been thinking about this quite a bit. It’s a great time for them to socialize with kids their age. When I took Jax to the doctors office he saw another little boy crawling around on all fours. At the time Jax hadn’t quite gotten it down really well yet, but he came home and starting crawling like a little maniac! I think cause he saw the little boy do it and could relate it to himself. Jax just love looking at little kids too.

    • Yes! Learning from the older children is the benefit of being the second sibling born! That is so neat that your son learned from a child at the Dr. I also think, he needs to spend more time with children his age…. Thank you for stopping by and sharing.

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