That’s Embarrassing…

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It may be considered ‘Mommy Brain’, ‘Absentmindedness’, ‘Way Too Distracted’, ‘Not Enough Sleep’, Oblivious, and I’m sure many more explanations that I consistently use as excuses to miss the minor day-to-day details of being a mommy of two little ones.  Today, none of the excuses above are working for me.

I went to the local wholesale club to pick up a few much needed groceries.  I left the store, anticipating our return home for naps as the store behaviours were quite acceptable but I knew there wasn’t much time left of the contentment.  I hurried through the snow covered parking lot and quickly put my children into the vehicle, placing them into their carseats and out of the cold winter air so I could continue to load up the trunk of my car. 

I often park next to the cart return so that I can be close to my vehicle but more importantly my prized little children while returning the cart.  As I returned the cart, I wondered to myself why people hadn’t pushed the carts in together, leaving them in the general area resulting in a big mess of cart confusion and minimal space to add more carts.  Oh well, I’ll mind my business, put my cart away how I think it should be and head on home. 

Half way home I glanced back at my chatty todder to see that I had completely forgotten to buckle him into his seat!  He was enjoying himself reaching as far as he could to touch the passenger’s seat ahead of him.  Thankfully the store is a short five minute drive from home, we made it safely and I never received the $230.00 fine ($115.00 per child) for not having them properly buckled in.  I felt like a fool for being so careless and absentminded with my precious children.  I guess I should be grateful that I didn’t leave them in the cart return!  I better remember to add the, “Is everyone buckled in?” to my pre-launch checklist for future outings.

Have you had any absentminded mommy moments lately that you’d like to share?


8 thoughts on “That’s Embarrassing…

  1. I learned a while back to ask and make sure everyone is buckled. It happens sometimes. Especially if I have a guest child. Mine insisted on learning to buckle themselves in at an early age, but I learned the hard way that not every kid does that. Once, I realized a kid was waiting for me to do the buckle only after I had pulled out.

  2. well, this was not lately, more like 34 years ago, but I was driving and realized I hadn’t secured my baby in her carseat. I slowed down and turned and she and the seat went in the floor!! I felt so bad and she was crying, but not hurt. I soothed her and put her back in the seat, secured properly this time! There were a couple other absent-minded mommy moments, but we won’t go there… she’s fine and healthy though!!

  3. Don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes. Children are resilient and will survive.

    My grandmother used to say, “God takes care of babies, old folks and fools.” He’ll take care of your kids, too.

    Wait until you remember to pick your child up but you forget from where??? (I raised mine in the days before kids had cell phones) Eventually you will find them. They’ll be mad, but they’ll live.

    Relax. You are doing a great job.

  4. OMG, I’ve done that! Luckily, my 4-year-old knows that she needs to be buckled in when the car is moving and before I had even pulled completely out on the road she was yelling in the backseat, “Mommy! I’m not buckled in!”. I stopped the car on the road, got out and buckled her in then went around to the other side to double check her little brother (just in case;) ). Needless to say, I haven’t had a moment like that since (not to say it wouldn’t happen again on another “mommy brain day” 😉

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