It Is The Little Things…

photo couresy

I am so happy to share my sincere pleasure that I feel today.  I flew out of the house this morning with my two year old for my weekly, morning commitment.  I left my 11 month old in the care of the guest in our home, my big sister.  Little brother picks up a sniffly nose or cough from across the room so it was with such relief that he could stay at home with sufficient care and love.  I don’t like to be late.  I hurriedly fed my children this morning, got ready to run and drove out over the snow covered driveway to ensure I wouldn’t be late.

Two hours later, on my way home, I picked up a Tim Horton’s coffee (her favourite) and bagel to show my appreciation for the loving childcare and freedom of concern I had for my little guy while I was away.  I pulled up to our home to see, not only was my child taken care of, our snow covered driveway had been shovelled.  I was so excited, before getting out of the car, I quickly texted my husband to share.  Bragging rights for me that she would be so thoughtful! 

I came into the house to find out, baby had been sleeping so our house guest had cleaned up after our hurried breakfast, and tidied up the entire kitchen too.  It was the most wonderful feeling.  It was that much less for me to have to consider, check, check, check off of the to-do list for the remainder of the day.

Doesn’t it feel great to make someone else feel good?  Doesn’t it feel great to know that you’re helping to make someone’s life easier?  It doesn’t take much, it is the small things.  If my sister had only cared for my child, it would have been more than enough but it was the extras, that I never expected that thrill me now, several hours later.  The to-do list can seem so long sometimes, never-ending almost and for someone to take the time to check a couple of those items off…  As Mastercard says, Priceless.

Consider doing something small for someone you love today.  Check something off of someone else’s to-do list.  Consider doing something small for someone you don’t even know today.  Join the people for good movement and keep the good feelings moving.  Keep the good deeds going.

I plan to be sure that I do something unexpected for someone else today to “pay it forward”.  All this to say, Thank you Aunty Nyen.  You made one happy mommy today.


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