Daylight Savings Time

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Oh Saskatchewan, how wonderful it must be for the parents of your little children whose life doesn’t have to be adjusted by that demanding clock we live by.  Since 1966, Saskatchewan brought in the Time Act where they keep their clocks fixed on Central Standard Time year round so while the provinces around them change their clocks, they stay where they are at.  Saskatchewan shares the same time as Alberta from spring until fall and the same time as Manitoba from fall until spring. 

I am relatively new to the daylight savings world in regards to small children because it has only began to matter as my guy has grown older and by the arrival of little boy whose sometimes conflicting schedules need to adjust.  Our relatively predictable routine is not as smooth as it was only a few days ago.  We are changing wake up times, nap times, meal times and bedtimes by an hour; it is not only confusing, but a big adjustment for our little guys, and mommy too.

Wouldn’t it be great to join in with Saskatchewan and keep clocks fixed where they are!?

It isn’t an option, so the good news is that it will only be a few more days to recover and we’ll all be on the same page again.


6 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Time

  1. yes, it sure is an adjustment, i do agree. i do enjoy the extra daylight we have now.. ; )

  2. We changed times too and I am soooo sleepy today. I was in the dentist’s chair this morning and told them I needed a nap! It takes me about a week to adjust, and for about 2 weeks afterwards, my husband and I refer to the current time as the “new” time and say, “It’s the old 9 pm”–I tell ya kid, it’s rough on us old folks too!

  3. In the US Indianapolis didn’t change times. It made flying in and out of there a nightmare. Plane schedules are on local time. I can’t tell you how many times I missed my flight because I was mixed up.

    My youngest turned 27 on March 11. He is still mad that he lost an hour of his birhtday!!! They never grow up.

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