Spring Is In The Air

With our less than predictable weather patterns recently, I am so pleased with our warmer than average temperatures these days.  The warm air we are experiencing is stimulating my desire for spring flowers, warm sunny days outside and new adventures in the sunshine with my little guys.

My little baby will be one by the end of this month which I anticipate brings ‘walking’ sometime, somewhere after that.  I am so excited for spring, the welcome mat for summer, I anticipate warm walks in the summer air, splashing in spray parks, fun in the backyard, smelling flowers, snacking on apples and berries. 

Along with these adventure filled days at home, it has me thinking about a summer vacation.  Time together to make memories with new adventures and time away.  I have been researching vacation spots worth driving to; mountains or lakes, which is more important to our family?  Oceans too?  We have decided driving through the night to our destination will make the drive bearable.  We decided that one of our family traditions will include an annual vacation to the same place every year; perhaps we will meet other families and build relationships that we will enjoy every summer.

Spring and Summer, I am glad to see you’re on your way to bring fun, flowers, fruits, and happy memories for all of us to enjoy.

Do you have any summer plans you’re looking forward to enjoying?

Berry Photo courtesyFreedigitalphotos.net.  Family Photo courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net


4 thoughts on “Spring Is In The Air

  1. I stopped in at the local plant nursery today— already I am wanting annuals! I think I’m going to try planting a few herbs in a large pot this year. No summer plans yet, although I usually visit my Grandchildren in May. We had great weather here today also!

    • That is a super idea! Perhaps you could move that herb pot indoors once the summer is over. I have had a desire to do that as well because sometimes the price I pay for fresh basil is twice as much as a plant would!
      I imagine your grandchildren look forward to your May visit. How special!
      As always, a sincere thank you for stopping by and commenting.

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