Clearance Sale!!!

We can do no great things, only small things with great love.  ~Mother Teresa

Everybody wants some of your hard earned money.  Everyone wants a contribution to their cause.  Checking out at your local store, you’ll never know which charity you’ll be asked to donate to today.  Sometimes I think, “Sure, why not?” and other times, “No thank you, not today.”  My response is a direct reflection on how I’m feeling in relation to my budget this month.

I write this post in hopes to inspire you to give.  Not at the till as you are leaving the store but to a local charity that accepts your donations. 

It is clearance time, clearouts in every store as they attempt to get rid of their winter items to make room for the spring/summer shipment.  When you’re walking past those sale racks to see if there is anything you may need, consider supporting your local charity with an item or two.  We have a local charity that helps mother’s in need by providing them with every item a mother requires during the first year of their little one’s life.  This charity accepts donations of new and gently used items.  Let’s face it, everything for small babys is gently used since they grow so quickly.

I went to our local Shoppers Drug Mart today as I took my regular stroll past their clearance shelf; I felt like I hit the jackpot!  They had Nuk soothers (the brand recommended by the dentist in my prenatal class) each package contained two soothers for a mere .99 cents.  If you haven’t purchased a pack of soothers in a while, they range from $5.50 to $7.50 regular price.  They had advent bottles for $1.99 (for two).  Somehow it feels more rewarding to donate an item rather than money because you feel like you know how your donation will be used.

Consider picking up that clearance snowsuit, boots or scarf to donate to the local charity next winter.  Consider buying that food item to donate to your local food bank.  When you receive that buy one, get one free item, consider putting the ‘free’ one aside and donating it to charity or someone in need in your circle. 

Shopping clearance and paying what feels like next to nothing stimulates the pleasure/reward part of the brain.  To stimulate your brain even further, consider donating those fantastic finds to your local charity. 

Feels good.

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6 thoughts on “Clearance Sale!!!

  1. What a great idea! My husband and I set a charity donation budget at the beginning of each year and, for the most part, donate through automatic payments to a couple of causes that are near and dear to our hearts. But we leave some extra money aside for “spontaneous” giving. But I was starting to feel that I wasn’t seeing where my money was going. (“Somehow it feels more rewarding to donate an item rather than money because you feel like you know how your donation will be used.”) By doing what you suggest, I’ll know that the items I’ve purchased will go to good use by someone in need. Thanks!

  2. Excellent idea. Last year there was a shoe drive for Haiti–my husband has been there on a mission trip about a year ago– I picked up fantastic bargains—kid’s shoes on clearance, BOGO, half price, etc. It was fun, there were some really cute shoes for next to nothing.

  3. We always tend to think of charity in terms of cash, but you are right, sharing things sometimes is even more helpful and easier on the budget.

    I give my grandson’s too small things to pregnant students at my school.

    One of our Christmas traditions was to select a gently-used toy that the children had outgrown and take it to the Goodwill (as a family) It taught them the spirit of giving. My daughter spends each Thanksgiving serving in soup kitchens.

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