Magical Lipstick

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time for mommy to get ready.  We need to be where we’ve committed ourselves but sometimes you never really know what might get in the way of getting there on time. 

Here are a few possibilities:

  • A conflict of wills. 
  • A surprise diaper change (just as you’re putting jackets on).
  • A surprise upset stomach.
  • Spilled milk.  Spilled anything.  Spilled everything.
  • A surprise change of clothes required for parent or child (spilled anything or diaper change).
  • Who let the dog out?
  • Oops, I forgot….

We probably have an endless list of unpredictable things that may cause us to run late.  So, what do we sacrifice to get there on time?  For me…  It is me.  Okay, I guess, I don’t have quite enough time to do my hair or change my shirt or put my make up on.

My latest discovery is lipstick/lipgloss, something on my lips.  It works great, no matter if I’ve only had time to run the brush through my hair or if I’ve had to skip any other make up, something on the lips makes it look like I’m ‘ready’, not running late and it makes you feel put together.

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5 thoughts on “Magical Lipstick

  1. You’re right, just that added touch, and I think it shows people that you made an effort. Your point about the last minute diaper change made me laugh. I remember winter time, and ready to go out the door, kids in coats and baby in a snowsuit, then you detect an “odor”… Ha! You know the drill! Moms are sooo important.

  2. Funny, I was just the opposite (but I think you got it right.) I gave up lipstick after becoming a mommy. Now that mine have left the nest, I can’t find the right shade!!!

    The lipstick is your reminder that you count, too. Never forget that.

    BTW – stuff spills. Tip: plastic shower curtains from the dollar store under high chairs – disposable and time saving.

    • Ha, keep shopping for that shade. 😉
      Excellent idea on the shower curtain… I shall add that to the to-do list.
      My sister just bought me a plastic table cloth for easy clean ups! We have decorative lines carved into the table that make cleaning up more time consuming. I’ll have to buy a curtain that matches my plastic table cloth! 😉

      • My mom used to layer plastic tableclothes. When one got dirty, she would just pull it off and there was a fresh one underneath.

        Took the urgency out of having to wash the tablecloth right away.

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