Children…. Always On Our Minds

To be honest with you, I don’t leave my boys very often.  Daddy and I were able to enjoy a couple extra dates more recently since my big sister was staying in our home but prior to that it was rare to be gone more than half an hour.

I had a lovely evening out with my niece this week while daddy cared for our little ones.  We were able to take in Chris Tomlin (wow, great time).  We enjoyed the entire experience together, my niece is wonderful, I adore her passion for God.  She makes me proud.  For the encore song, Chris Tomlin invited the young people up to the front, near the stage.  Somehow, I felt I qualified and ran up with my young niece and all of the other young children who wanted to get in close and see.  I feel so young in my mind but remind myself that he would probably did not consider 35 to fall in the ‘young’ stated in his invitation.  Oh well, we were able to share a fun memory together.

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After our wonderful evening, I drove home and amused myself with the realization of how my life has changed.  Sitting next to me in my car is my twenty-one year old niece who was able to go to this concert and think only of herself and what her immediate concerns may be.  I never asked her what they were but if I were to guess, her mind is probably filled with thoughts of her school, her friends, her plans, what she will be doing next week and perhaps a guy she may have a crush on.  I imagine these thoughts because they were thoughts I would have had when I was her age.

In contrast, I recalled all of the thoughts I actually had while on my outing with my niece: 

Daddy would have enjoyed this.  I think he should come next time.  Oh, there is daddy’s Dr. sitting in front of us.  He actually was. 

I look forward to when my boys are older so I can treat them to something like this.  What a family friendly environment and a great experience for the young children I have seen here.  Would my boys be embarassed to go with their mom?

We should move to Texas (where Chris Tomlin is from).  It would be so great to raise my boys there.

I wonder how my ‘boys’ are doing?  I sure miss them.  Should we go swimming tomorrow? 

Hey, my hands feel empty, what am I missing?

It is a wonderful feeling to love your family.  Knowing you always have others to consider and think about truly minimizes your selfish thoughts.  I am so glad that I have my husband and my two boys that occupy my mind continuously, anytime, anywhere.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


2 thoughts on “Children…. Always On Our Minds

  1. “Somehow, I felt I qualified and ran up with my young niece and all of the other young children who wanted to get in close and see.”

    You made me smile. I understand I would have been up there with you….I am the same age as you. 😉 thanks for sharing

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