Life With a Toddler… A Rollercoaster for Mommy

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Waking up each morning, I hear the sweet sound, “Mommy,” coming from down the hall.  It truly is one of the sweetest sounds.  I run down the hall, knowing that when I open the door to my two year old’s room, he’ll be bouncing on his bed in excitement or he’ll have the sweetest “good morning” smile for me as he lays on his tummy at the end of his bed awaiting my arrival.

My soon to be one-year-old begins playing with the musical toy on his bed each morning.  I hear that music and I am filled with excitement knowing that when I go in to get him, if he’s still on his tummy, he’ll throw his head down on the mattress in excitement of my arrival.  If he is standing up, he’ll have a sweet smile for me.  When I lift him up, he’ll gasp, so pleased that I’m here to get him. 

There begins my high.

When we’re ready, the three of us head into the kitchen to begin breakfast.  The emotion that breakfast time holds varies from day to day.  If the boys are both in the mood for what I’m serving, we can eat and carry on with our day.  Other days, we have dumped food, thrown food, and tense emotions.  You may begin to wonder why I would serve food that could cause this reaction.  The truth is, their reaction varies depending on the day, the sun, sleep, the weather and so much more. 

The emotions continue to vary as I indulge in seeing my two little ones learning, developing and enjoying themselves as they are discovering everything their worlds has to offer.  Then…. a push of little brother because he is trying to reach for a toy big brother is playing with and the discipline begins.  Typically one incident begins a series to follow.

Naptime = Relief.  A few moments to catch up, rejuvenate, relax, depending on the day.

As my boys wake up from their naps, it begins again….

I am so excited for them to wake up.

Our current phase of discomfort is mealtimes.  They seem to be filled with conflict and toddler expression.  This phase will pass in no time but in the mean time it is one of the highs in our roller coaster ride.

By the time dinner and bedtime routines are complete, it is time to wind down and relax, take a few breaths once again. 

It only takes an hour after the boys are in bed when I begin to miss them.  By our bedtime, I may be known to make a stop in for a sleepy good night kiss on the cheek and an accidental awakening for them to join mommy and daddy for a few giggles.  I am so blessed.

Tonight when I go to sleep, I know I will get back up that beautiful ride tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Life With a Toddler… A Rollercoaster for Mommy

  1. Absolutely precious. I can just see those little bodies and those happy faces and smiles. sweet. I remember seeing my little ones asleep in their beds and thinking what a wonderful gift I had here in my house. 🙂

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