Crossing Paths

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I recently shared with you in Children at Play how my playdate went all wrong.  After sharing smiles with a sweet lady, it ended up that my two year old pushed her little girl down, she was crying and I was following behind her apologizing as she comforted her child.  I left the play place feeling embarrassed and hesitant to return.  I suppose my fear was that my child would do the same thing again.

Today I am so excited to share with you an update.  We moved to a new town just over a year ago and have been doing our best to find the church that is just right for our family.  We believe we’ve found that church just on the outskirts of the city and have been attending there for approximately six weeks now.

I put my children into childcare this week and as I departed, would you believe that same mom who rescued her child from my child’s push to the floor was there, at that same church bringing her children in?  I waited for a few minutes in tears as I anticipated speaking with her after she dropped her children off.  I couldn’t believe we are sisters in Christ and that I would have the opportuniaty to speak with her once again.  She took quite a while so I left to meet up with my husband and dry my tears before church began.

A few glances around church, I could not locate them but I knew I must try to meet up with her again at the conclusion of the service.

After church I happened to see her husband waiting by the door we entered through.  I glanced back and saw her coming.  I hurried over to her and reminded her that my child was the one that had pushed her daughter.  She looked at me with confusion. I began to think perhaps I had seen her somewhere else and was getting her confused.  Then finally after describing that it was a couple of weeks ago, and the location, she said, “Oh yes, don’t worry about it, they are just kids.”  She obviously hadn’t been dwelling on it a fraction of the time that I had.  What a sweet lady she was.

She introduced herself to me.  When I introduced her to my husband, she smiled and said, “We met a couple of weeks ago when we were out on a playdate.”  I was bumbling in embarrassment and blubbering in relief.  It was very special. 

I think we may one day be friends.   Funny how things work out sometimes.


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