It’s My Pleasure

In my younger days, I spent many years working part times for Delta Hotels, serving in banquets.  During my time there, employees were trained to answer all guest requests with, “My Pleasure.”  This response is wonderful.  It makes you feel ‘special’, like you’re not annoying, you’re someone who deserves to be assisted and a guest, not just a customer.

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We’ve all had an experience when dealing with a customer service representative that has given us the impression, you’re in the way, a nuisance or even stupid for asking.  In contrast we have had the opposite experience where we leave feeling great, wow, that was a great experience, I should go back again.

With this in mind, I have been responding this way with the daily requests of the needs and desires of the toddlers in my life.  “My Pleasure” now rings in my ears daily.  “Mommy, fix, fix, fix!” I will hear as my toddler looks in terror at his sock that has twisted or is falling off.  “My Pleasure.” 

It is my pleasure to respond to the little voices that I have been so blessed to have in my life.  They want me, need me and they know that I am able to satisfy their every need and desire.  What a pleasure. 

It is my pleasure that I can put a smile on my child’s sweet little face. 

It is my pleasure that I can make them feel more comfortable through feeding them, adjusting their clothing, changing them or giving them something out of reach. 

It is my pleasure to share my home, my life, my love with the people I have been blessed with in my life.  Because of this, I have re-adopted the “My Pleasure” response so they will know they are not a burden but special and a pleasure to assist.


2 thoughts on “It’s My Pleasure

  1. sigh… loving Mothers might just be the best thing in the whole wide world!

    My son’s first words were, “thank you”. (more like, “thunk you”). Everytime he handed me something, I said, “thank you”, so that is what he heard on a regular basis. Have your little ones done something for you and used your magic words?

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