Memories….. Fade.

It is so amazing how quickly our memories fade. 

Recently I was able to enjoy my one year old son’s birthday.  He is at a wonderful stage.  He is curious, interactive, filled with sweet smiles and relatively predictable behaviour.  He is such a pleasure.  This birthday reminded me that we celebrated our older child’s first birthday only a year and a half ago.  I try to recall what he was like at that time, was he talking? Mischievous? or sweet as pie like his little brother?  I have kept a scribbler of memories that seem significant enough to write down but the truth is, I don’t recall.  I am glad for the few, short-clip videos I have taken, just for these occasions.

Realizing how quickly I forget the day-to-day life with my little ones only a short time ago helps me to understand how people who have much older children’s memories fade even more.  They will remember an overall impression, not necessarily, exactly what was.  I often will ask my mom what she did when I was a toddler and many other parenting questions that will arise; very often she will say, “Unfortunately dear, I just don’t recall.”  It feels as though you’ll never forget, how could you? It is such a precious time but the reality is, those precious memories are overwritten by more and more precious moments that to come as a parent.

In contrast to my mother’s honest response to her faded recollection, other’s will share that their children were potty trained at six months, walking at seven months or their child never behaved poorly or was always in trouble.  Now, the truth is, these statements may be true but sometimes, I am left with doubts. 

My Grandfather told my mother that he never messed his diaper when he was a baby but we’re sure, he may have forgotten or perhaps he just hadn’t worn diapers. 🙂  Many parents recall only the moments that are special and the few that stand out because of a repeated story over the years.   

I wonder what my final impression of my children will be when they have grown older.  At times, the two’s feel so very challenging for me.  Time will march on, memories of moments will fade and I will be left with….

I look forward to finding out.  I predict my memories will be filled with only the positive moments rather than the struggle for control I feel like I am experiencing lately.

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3 thoughts on “Memories….. Fade.

  1. Great post! My son will be 22 this year and I can still remember him as a toddler. He was a terror and handful but so darn cute you could never be mad for more than a second. He was very silly and perhaps I encouraged that behavior because he made me laugh alot. Many blessings to you!

    • Thank you. I giggled. It is true. They both make me smile and laugh! I do believe many times my two year old thinks he is teasing me when I’m trying to have a serious moment. So confusing for his young mind. Thank you for the blessings. Blessings to you and your family.

      • I had one of those kids who would MAKE me laugh when I was mad at him. I’d say, “Now stop it mommy is upset right now”, and he would just smile and smile…….then I would laugh. Ugh! Create good memories is all I can say. 🙂

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