Mom Knows Best

I was blessed to enjoy a weekend visit from my mom recently.  I have a great mom.  My husband even insists that she doesn’t fall into the mother-in-law stereotype.  She simply loves and supports us and keeps the advice for when it is requested.  I consider myself to be like my mom in many ways so my husband will be blessed by her legacy.

I have not lived at home now for eighteen years but I always know that I can call my mom for her experienced knowledge and guidance.  She knows what temperature something should be baked at, what to do if I’m out of an ingredient and am half way through the recipe (oops) and all of the other last minute calls I make to her for assistance, reassurance or advice.

My mom’s recent visit was a good reminder of what she means to me.  Living with her for so many years of my life feels like I should know everything about her and all of her predictable behaviours.  One morning during her visit, she opened her banana from the bottom.  I couldn’t believe it.  My mom doesn’t peel a banana like that, she peels it by pulling the long knob off the top.  I quickly questioned her and she said that she opens it like the monkeys do and she finds it much easier. Hmmm…  Guess how I opened my son’s banana this morning!  It was easier.

You know when you have that house guest who empties the dishwasher for you.  It means that you’ll be searching the kitchen over the next week trying to find the peeler or that spoon.  With two other adults in our home, I find that I am often searching for where someone put something away.  The soya sauce has three different homes, depending on who put it away.  The measuring spoons also have three different homes.  Either way, I am more grateful for someone helping out than I am about the various homes that the kitchenware resides in.

After my mom had emptied the dishwasher, she let me know that she did her best and showed me where the peeler is, just in case.  I later discovered that she had reversed the position of the bread knives and the steak knives in the cutlery drawer.  Funny how the new location seems that it must be just right and has become their knew home because my mom put it there and we all know – Mom’s know best.


11 thoughts on “Mom Knows Best

  1. what a great story of appreciation for your mother. My mom and I got along real well also. I would call her 2 times a day after I married, once to “check in”, and in the evening to see how her the rest of her day went. I’m glad you enjoy your mother so much, she sounds like a great person.

  2. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate my mother alot more (even just over the last two years). I’m also beginning to notice that there are certain things that I take after her and in many ways I’m much closer to her than I am to my father. I think a large part of it deals with the fact that my mom and I do alot of work together at church and we seem to find common ground on more everyday issues than I do with my father.
    Plus I can see alot of my mother’s charcteristics in my girlfriend. I think my realtionship with her is another thing that has brought us closer. I can tell that your mom must be an awesome lady becuase you’re a great mother yourself!!!

    • Why thank you for the compliment. I am so happy you are close to your mom, it sounds like your girlfriend is just right for you if she is like your mom. They say you’ll marry your parent. Wonderful for you.

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