Friends To Treasure



Spring has sprung.  I glance out the window and realize the blazing sun means mommy and sons need to be outside and not cooped up in our home.  I’ve recently received a blessing in our home to help ensure I will be treasuring more time with my boys during the warm enough to be outside season.  Our computer is officially cooked.  Burnt actually.  A few weeks ago, I clicked on something and then there was nothing.  Dead.  I occasionally walk by and press the power button, in hopes that an electrical charge has zapped it back into operation but to my dismay it has failed to ignite.  We are computerless.  These are the days that I wish I was a computer genius just so I’d know if all of my unbacked up photos are gone for good or if I could replace something and be back in operation.  The truth is, I do believe it has been time for a new computer for a while but I haven’t made it a priority.  And now that I have no choice and didn’t budget for it, we will remain computerless until I make it a priority.

I’ve missed blog world, my new friendships, writing companions and encouraging pals.  I shall be back again another day.

Today, on borrowed computer, I want to share with you, my recent blessings.  I recall reading Altar of Heaven blog, sharing her desire for friends and how seeking God first will allow for friendships to develop.  Over a year ago, I moved to a new town and have had a strong desire to develop one of those ‘extra special friendships’.  I have some fantastic, loving friends in my life but I am looking for one that I can share my day-to-day stay-at-home life with, locally.  I have been tossing my smiles around town when I’m out and about and I have even exchanged numbers a time or two but I’m looking for that friendship that ‘clicks’.

I have been watching over three year old children at a local church while their mom’s are spending time together.  Originally, I volunteered so that I could meet local mom’s and serve.  Half way through the term, I realized, moms are busy and won’t often have time to spend time with me, they are in a hurry to get going.  I knew I could make friendships with three year old children but mom’s were going to be a challenge.  I told myself I would need to find another way to make a new friend.

When I cared for the children, one mom would often take the time to chat with me before she left her daughter with me.  I would find myself acting almost desperate to ‘click’ with her and it felt uncomfortable as I struggled for conversation all the while internally, acknowledging my deep desire to befriend this lady.  She is sweet as pie.  She is just my type.  I know we could be friends one day.

One of the boys in the class is so sweet.  I believe I am endeared to him because his personality reminds me of how I perceive my son may be when he is three.  This little boy’s name is Mitch.  I was always pleased when he was present.  Two weeks ago when my boys and I were at the pool, bobbing around next to us, was Mitch and his mommy.  I can tell you, Mitch is so sweet because his mom is too.

Today, I arrived home with two new phone numbers, two sweet moms, who are just my type.  Friendships are work, they need cultivating, warmth and nurturing.  I intend to do my part in these friendship blessings that God has given me.  Spring is the season of births, beginnings, hope and friendships.  I look forward to sharing with you how these new ones may grow.


7 thoughts on “Friends To Treasure

  1. This is such a timely post for me–I’m moving on Tuesday! I’ll be going back to a town that I lived in for two years 18 years ago. I do have family there, and know a few people. I will hope to make new friends, I know it takes time. In leaving friends here, I have found what a blessing friends are. God gave us friendships to help round out our lives. Friends can give us what family members cannot. In leaving, I have discovered that I love my friends, and I am so greatful for God to have brought us together.

    I was wondering what happened to you–now I know–computer meltdown! You’re right, one of the blessings of not having a computer is the time if frees up to enter into “real life”! Ha! See you soon.

    • Aww, I missed you! Thank you. It does take time and of course effort. The effort of maintenance is where I fall down easy. Good/great friends truly are priceless (even when we don’t notice their value).
      I do hope your move goes well. A friendship hug for you.

  2. Good to see this from you! I was wondering where you’ve been 🙂 Timely too as we are moving very soon. Going back to the state where we married and my boys were born. Looking forward to old friends and some family, locally, but looking forward to making new friends also. Lots of new going on. Guess that falls in line with the nature of Spring!

  3. I’ve been missing your posts and finally Googled your blog since I wasn’t getting updates! We had a computer breakdown last December and it really crimped my blogging style:) I miss reading your words and will be reading again when you next post! Best to you!

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